About me.

My name is Krzysztof Kurpiecki. I'm not famous but I'm not anonymous.

I'm registered in Poland as sole trader since 2007. As „Baltic Griffin” under NIP number:- PL 7441343773 . Trade name/brand I use is also Infotimes. If you are looking for some information worldwide, you can use my services: http://www.infotimes.pl/english/

For a few years I was publishing my articles in most popular weekly in my region: Kurier Ilawski ( https://www.google.pl/search?q=Krzysztof+Kurpiecki+kurier+iławski&oq=Krzysztof+Kurpiecki+kurier+iławski ) and on politics blogs over internet, including website of Jerzy Targalski ( https://jozefdarski.pl/autor-publikacji/krzysztof-kurpiecki ) who is geopolitician very popular here ( maybe you have seen video of him with his cat :-)

And I'm on Linkedin since 2006 ( https://pl.linkedin.com/in/krzysztof-kurpiecki-9b2a602 )

So shortly – I'm real person which you can easily verify.

And about my beard. It is simple. Usually I live in Poland so in winter I have a beard to protect me against cold when I wandering through forests. Rest of season is relatively warm so I'm shaved :-)