Everyone deserves immortality

Fee policy

Our fee policy is to keep it as low as possible for ordinary people. 99 EUR for a data package stored by millennia Not much more than for hairdressing services in a well-known salon. Plus external costs, i.e. reading the genome. Once we buy our own DNA sequencer, these costs will decrease even more.

Our minimum fees are for people earning the least. 99 EUR is less than 15% of the minimum wage in 2023. If your monthly income is EUR 10,000, we also ask for the equivalent of 15%. You declare the sum, but after a moment zero REITION will know if it was done fairly.

When we have free memory storage and resources, we will also consider applications from those who don't have a penny. Everyone deserves immortality

If you are very rich, you have probably already received an offer similar to ours from some mysterious groups. Programs like our but for the rich have been around for many years. If you think that your data will be better taken care of by ordinary people who have never entered into a brutal struggle for money and influence, then we invite you. If you earned your money during a free-market game, you know how it is. Yes, you can only have a backup copy here, and in projects intended for the powerful of this world, a master copy.

Members who donated one polish grosz (cent, penny, kopeck, fen, etc.) in the period 01.2018-11.2022 REITION, thus supporting our development, now have the STANDARD package free of charge. Once we have our own DNA sequencer, these people will also have access to free sequencing of their own genome. We have sent this information by e-mail. If the information is not received, please contact us.