How and what data to collect about yourself?

Please check here: How to collect the data

Where to order a whole genome sequencing? Is it worth ordering a 100x reading or epigenetic data?

You can order a whole genome sequencing, for example, in Nebula: we often have discounts at The higher the multiplier, the better the accuracy, so it's definitely worth ordering 100x if you have the means. If you also has access to the possibility of saving epigenetic, microbiomic or individual tissue/cell information, it is worth doing it - soon these services will also become much cheaper than now.

When COMPANION will be recreated?

Version without consciousness and without memory - after the moment zero, before of your beloved one. In the conscious version - according to the order in which data are submitted to REITION or before of your beloved one. There may be some modifications to the order to ensure everyone is as happy as possible in the new world, and at the same time avoid overpopulation on a given surface at one time.

Do not forget to add information with a list of people who are close to you to the data file. In most cases, this will be known from the data, but we ask for additional confirmation. Be sure to do this if you send rather small amount of recorded information to REITION.

Why does data collection take so long? (genome, connectome, microbiome)

Human is a complex structure. The brain itself has over 100 billion neurons. The entire human connectome is over 100 billion connections. It will not be possible to scan the whole person at the molecular level for a long time yet. DNA alone, even with epigenetic data, is a large part of the data we need, but our individuality is hidden in the neuronal connections that have been formed during our lives and also, for example, in the composition of our microbiome. Hence the need for a longer and creative acquisition of data on an individual connectome by registering behavior, reactions, statements, archival records, etc.

The most accurate map of a fragment of the human connectome to date was developed in 2021 thanks to the cooperation of Jeff Lichtmann and his laboratory from Harvard University with the Google's connectomics department. A piece of tissue with a volume of 1 mm³ contains an image of the structure of 50,000 neurons, 130 million synapses and hundreds of millions of neurites. The size of the dataset associated with this small fragment of the connectome is 1.4 petabytes. It is estimated that developing a complete mouse brain connectome would yield an exabyte dataset, and a full human connectome dataset would be equal to a zettabyte, comparable in size to all the digital data generated by humanity in one year. (Wikipedia, read 12/2022:

Comparatively. The GPT-3 artificial intelligence model has 175 billion parameters (it requires 800 GB of memory).

Will REITION develop its own human imaging methods?

Yes. In addition to the methods that we can use now, we will also work on better and better imaging methods like. eg organic intracellular scanner, the idea of which is presented here: In this scanner, information from inside cells is sent directly to an external database. The data is downloaded by designed cellular machines, similar to viruses. A similar scanner for real-time imaging of individual neurons will be even more difficult to implement, but it will be created over time.

Is it possible to receive a copy of the data sent earlier?

For security reasons, this is not possible.

Is it possible to cancel REITION membership and not be recreated?

You can cancel Reition membership and request data deletion. To avoid undesirable events, the analysis of the request for data destruction and not being recreated will be carried out after the moment zero. All genuine applications will be considered. Attach the encrypted confirmation of authenticity to the data deletion request. E.g. recorded video from your room where you say you don't want to be recreated or encrypted photos of documents or favorite gadgets mentioned in your previous data.

Is it possible to recreate me with my memory and consciousness?

Yes. It depends on how much of accurate data you collect about yourself. The more, the greater the chance of it succeeding. If you spend about 30 minutes a day collecting data about yourself over the course of a year, you should be successful. Remember that you are a social being and it is important to get also data about your interactions with others. At work, school, office, at a party. It's hard to go everywhere with a camera, microphone and EEG on your head, but you may be able to record some of the data from such interactions. In the future, where most of people's lives will be recorded by computers (VR, games, web applications, mobile), collecting this data will be much easier.

Can you recreate a dog, cat or other animal?

Yes. As long as whole genome sequencing is available for a given species. Except that in the case of animals there is no option to recreate the consciousness identical with the original.

Can we recreate the user inside of the simulation?

If a person close to you orders being recreated inside of the simulation - for example, they wish to create a simulation corresponding to today's reality, your avatar will also be present there. Except that it will not be able to reliably answer questions about his truthfulness. Unless the person ordering the simulation requests otherwise.

If you contractually wish to recreate yourself with your memory and consciousness, you may also wish to recreate yourself in the simulation. Describe the desired simulation in the data sent to us.

Will REITION recreate dangerous people too?

In the contract, we reserve the right to postpone the recreation of a dangerous person until it is impossible for such a person to create any threat.

Will members be recreated exclusively on Earth?

By default yes. From here you can start hiking anywhere. If there is no such possibility, you can reserve that you do not want to be recreated.

How can we predict what will happen in 10,000 years?

We can not. Therefore, the most important part of the plan is to educate the next generations so that they develop themselves as good as possible and make the best decisions at a given moment. So that the REITION community will survive, along with the data, until the moment zero.

How will the data be stored?

The data will initially be stored on hard drives in digital form. Copies, at least, in three different places. Then - depending on the technology, probably in DNA. We described it in our concept of the most secure vault in space - distributed storage in DNA + quantum encryption: DNATA.SPACE

Do I have to pay right away?

You can collect data about yourself and store it locally. You can send data to us and pay for the service, e.g. in 30 years. You can also ask your descendants or friends for sending your data to us. If you do not have your DNA rsequenced, make sure to protect your biological material, otherwise we will not be able to translate it into a digital record.

What is REITION's fee policy?

You can find our fee policy here: Fee policy

My body will be kept in one of the cryogenic companies. What then?

We plan to do so in the future as well. You can ask REITION to transfer the body to our facilities when possible (requires instructing your cryogenic company). However, if you are revived by a cryogenic company, just inform REITION when you wake up. We will update the data and, depending on the instructions, we will store it as a backup copy or delete it after the moment zero.

Will REITION also offer cryopreservation?

Yes, cryopreserved body is a very good source of data, but the date of implementation of such a possibility is far away.

Can I only keep a backup in REITION?

Yes. If the master data is stored by a family or other organization, we may keep a backup copy. Just mention this fact in your data - original or upgraded.

Will the data still be stored in REITION after moment zero?

By default - yes. REITION was created to make everyone feel safe during space travel. In case of misfortune, everyone, thanks to a copy of himself, can be recreated at any time. After the moment zero, you can also order us to delete your data.

What are the other benefits of REITION's activities?

Developing educational opportunities for people who never had them. Modern practical education in small towns, i.e. what we have been doing so far: artificial intelligence, basics of programming quantum computers, synthetic biology, ecology. We believe that everyone should have a chance to develop, even if they come from a poor family and live in the provinces. Thanks to this, independent communities will be able to develop, which will not melt in the global melting pot and will be able to provide a base for original science and art, needed for the survival of humanity.

Can the age difference between me and my loved ones change after recreation?

Yes. The probability that it will change noticeably is very high. For example, your last update might be from reality when you were 70 and your child from reality when they were 100. So after recreating you will be much younger than your loved one. This is normal and everyone will be aware of this possibility after recreation. If you want to recreate the same age differences between your relatives, after your recreating REITION will be able to create a simulation for you, the conditions of which you will specify.

How to store the data, before handing them over to REITION, in the long term?

On hard disk drives (HDD), rewrite data every 2-3 years. On SSDs, they will last longer, but it is worth connecting them to the power supply every few months. Data on optical disks can last up to several hundred years, but these disks have a small capacity (up to 100GB at a reasonable price). Magnetic tape is fragile and requires more expensive recording systems than those we normally have at home. Flash drives and memory cards can store data for 5-10 years. However, it is better to take into account that we do not have a long experience with modern storage media and that we may have more bad luck than the statistical average. In order not to lose data, it is optimal to use several systems and check whether data is not lost during storage. You can place more important data twice within the same file. In case of loss of bits on the disk, they will be easier to restore.

According to estimates, DNA memory drives with reasonable capacity and price should become available around 2030.

Will REITION transfer minds to a computer?

No, the premise is that we're recreating you as a human. Then you can move to the simulation or transfer to the computer

Is it transhumanism?

No. We will recreate ourselves as humans, although those who send us their data in, say, 100 years, will probably have more synthetic parts or gene modifications. We also believe that the REITION community will retain human characteristics longer than the rest of the population on Earth, which is less resistant to the modern techniques of manipulation used by the current media. Perhaps REITION will be the most humanistic organization in the world. What we share with transhumanism is the belief in the inevitability of transforming the human race, with the help of technology, into beings more advanced in many respects. It doesn't mean we want to pursue it. Being human is ok. Let's change, but at reasonable rate.

How to tell other people that they may be being recorded?

Explain to them the meaning of what you do or tell them to visit our website. The most important thing is that they feel safe. Adopt the procedure for working with recorded:

- check the recorded material, only to determine whether it was recorded or for processing, do not watch the recording

- encrypt and destroy the key on the same day

In this way, you minimize the risk of data leakage, and you can ensure the people you record that the material will not be available anywhere and never.

Will it soon be possible to transfer the mind to a computer or stop/reverse the aging process?

We're not very optimistic about that. Just like we weren't at the beginning: We know the limits of artificial intelligence and computers. Despite the fascinating development of these fields, it is still far from possible to combine man and machine. Also, the possibilities of safe editing of the human genome will be limited for a long time. So rebuilding us and ensuring biological immortality is not possible in coming years. Hence our proposal of immortality, which is available to people born in the 20th century.

Is there a plan B?

Yes. The universe is infinite, or at least, so far, no one has proven otherwise. If this assumption is true, then there are an infinite number of Earths like ours and an infinite number of you, at every stage of life. Thus, it is always possible to make a copy of a person from the existing world and transfer it to another. The only problem is the distance and time of such an operation. We can assume that in a few billion years it will be possible. So if data recovery fails, we'll recreate all of us from actual copies. Even if in such a long period of time there will be no human REITION Keepers, it will be possible to program such an operation to be performed automatically, by machines, at the right moment.

Is this serious?

I invite you to take a deeper interest in artificial intelligence, synthetic biology, neurosciences, psychology or quantum computers. Even if we don't come to the same conclusions about the future, it won't be a waste of time for you. Also, the community working for thef REITION will develop themselves in areas that allow to effectively operate on elements of our reality. So, whatever the future holds, REITION will make a positive contribution to many people's lives.

It's a very strange concept / It's been in sci-fi before.

Note - the answer to this question is rather a private opinion of the Keeper - Krzysztof Kurpiecki than the official position of REITION.

There's nothing particularly original here. For example, in the small town where I live, there are about 10 centers where people come to ensure that they are recreated after death by an alien, higher civilization. In these centers, agents instruct people how to behave so that the alien civilization recreates them in a specific place (there are 2 permanent options to choose from, with different comfort, and one transitional option). People who attend these centers are also convinced that an alien civilization is constantly monitoring and recording their behavior and thoughts. Representatives of these centers have a guaranteed place in the Polish educational system and the opportunity to teach volunteers.

The REITION concept is simply a statement that we, the human race, are already at such a stage of development that we are able to collect data about ourselves and recreate ourselves from them. Without the help of alien civilizations.

Yes, this idea is so natural that it is nothing new in science fiction. And we don't try to be particularly original. We don't create sci-fi, we just implement what becomes possible into life.

Personally, I hope we are the first such intelligent race in our galaxy. And we're going to make the rules here. Will research change this view? I do not know. But if suddenly, in most of the world's media, there is a consensus that we have made contact with aliens, and this will be followed by an attempt to force people to behave in a specific way, then this "contact" and its promoters will have to be looked at very carefully.


REITION - an organization, an entity, a community that ensures the achievement of the MAIN PURPOSE by THE USERS OF THE DATA

MAIN PURPOSE - reconstructing in the future from the stored data

USER/USERS OF THE DATA (UTD) - a person/persons who gave their data to REITION and wants to achieve the MAIN PURPOSE

KEEPER - a person who looks after all UTD data and makes the most important decisions.

FIRST KEEPER - Krzysztof Kurpiecki, founder of the REITION. LAST KEEPER – a person who, after the opportunity arises to restore UTD, starts this process, beginning with the restoration of the FIRST KEEPER. In case of disagreement on competencies., the KEEPER born earlier has greater decision-making powers.

COLLEGIUM - persons supporting the KEEPER with advice and decision-making

MOMENT ZERO - The moment when it will be possible to recreate people from data.


We think that at the time of zero, the Earth will be just a nature reserve, and our race will change its bodily shell to exist in a form that allows intergalactic travel. Perhaps it will happen in a million years, after the discovery of the possibility of faster-than-light travel. It's not that important. People will be recreated on Earth, maybe they will want to live on it for a while, out of sentiment, but we think that they will soon go into space and change the form of their lives. Maybe some will stay, but there will be no crowds on Earth. Just in case it should be otherwise, by using the funds from the REITION member funds, we will come into possession of more and more space of the Earth. We suppose that for the last Keepers it will be a great effort and dedication to last until moment zero in human shape, but they will also do it in their own interest.


All generations of the REITION community will be responsible for the data. In my own interest. They will also take care of their own development and mutual help so that our community has access to the latest technologies and knowledge. In order to get to the moment zero as quickly as possible, avoiding dangers. For this purpose, it will modify its actions so as to achieve the main purpose as quickly and safely as possible. At the moment, the world looks to be moving towards a central power governance system, unifying the planet's population. The REITION will remain an organization independent of the world's central authority.

The primary purpose is to store the data until a participant can be recreated. Due to the fact that events in the future cannot be predicted, the rules of the organization will change so as to successfully achieve the main purpose.

It is the responsibility of the keepers and users of the data (UTD) to keep themselves and each other at a high scientific, humanistic and financial level, so as to successfully pass data on to the next generations. It is important to maintain as much independence as possible from external factors and use them so that the probability of achieving the main purpose becomes as high as possible.


The more work you put into helping REITION, the more you invest in community development, the more you get when you are recreated. It is true that we expect that everyone on Earth will get what they want.In our Galaxy they will be able to get even whole planets, but maybe there will be some bonuses that some will have faster access to. For example, the ability to explore worlds outside our Universe for the first time. Have access to the latest intergalactic travel speeds. We can't predict it. But the more you sacrifice for REITION, the more bonuses you get after being recreated. It does not depend on your wealth. A widow's penny here will be worth millions from a billionaire. From each according to his ability, to each according to his contribution. The good news is that you don't have to worry about it. Once recreated, everyone will be happy and have unlimited possibilities.