July 2024

We already have our own small, basic educational laboratory for synthetic biology/genomics and facilities for data collection. 

December 2023 

We have added DNA isolation and storage services to our DNA+DATA package. There are two methods of isolation, with three copies each, at no additional cost.

We store two copies at -20°C / −4°F and one at -80°C /−112°F. Eventually, all will be stored at even lower temperatures. This procedure helps preserve methylation data, which are lost in normal sequencing processes. Storage also allows for more precise sequencing in a few years. Currently, the standard 30x sequencing available to most people still contains errors. In several years, some of this DNA, especially if a new sample can't be taken, will undergo additional processing and be moved to permanent storage.

Additionally, this year, I was featured in a photo in Nature Biotechnology, thanks to my participation in the HTGAA MIT/Harvard course. I'm on the screen, behind the MIT/Harvard lecturers and students, at position B4, with Prof. George Church at A3. I don't claim any credit for this, just sharing it as an interesting fact. Here's the link to the article describing the course and the new education model:

We are expanding our educational laboratory in synthetic biology, genetics, and genomics. We already have a PCR machine, also used by astronauts in space, equipment for electrophoresis, a centrifuge, a shaker, a stirrer, and a wide array of reagents and accessories. For more information, visit our Facebook page:

November 2023

We have created the practical education set in the field of synthetic biology. It is intended to help in the development of modern staff in our region, but also to support those interested in career development related to DNA coding among people across the country.

More (Polish):

October 2023 

From the events supporting development: we conducted the "Iława Primaries" to help residents get to know the candidates for Parliament and their platforms, enabling them to vote for those who have the best programs for the city and its surroundings. More information can be found on our website:

January 2023

You can send us your data from which we will recreate you in the future. First level of immortality - THE COMPANION. Details here.

October 2022

We help people to buy and understand whole genome sequencing and all in one genetic reports. Website mainly for Polish customers:

June 2022

Part of the project is to safely store your data for centuries. We already have the practical possibility of safely transferring data via quantum communication and storing them in DNA. In the near future, we will be able to write them not only in plants but also in a substance that we place, for example, on a meteorite orbiting in space.

DNATA is a project of the most secure safe in our galaxy.

May 2022

I just completed a semester course in synthetic biology at MIT. Where, as part of the final work, the idea for an organic scanner was born. About which briefly in this video. Probably a similar project has appeared many times in science fiction, but in a dozen or several dozen years it may turn out to be something real. And my job is not to invent s-f, but rather to implement it. Hence this scanner in my digital immortality project. However, the basis of the Welcome Back project still remains the acquisition of psychological information, behavioral data, any digital user data and DNA code with epigenetic information. If only because a thorough brain scan with such a scanner will be unlikely, I suppose, at least for decades.

Regarding the mentioned course - it is a course for MIT and Harvard students, but they also admit global listeners. The originator of the course is a man you probably know - prof. George Church. Interestingly, in a dozen or so days, he will be speaking at the 50th anniversary conference of Alcor (life extension company – cryopreservation).

More on my blog (in Polish):

September 2021

I went to the Hackathon at the Forum - Vision Rozwoju - Gdynia 2021. And this is because the challenge concerned both forest and technology. The Prime Minister  joined our ad hoc, hackathon team, so we talked a bit about forest, bushcraft, artificial intelligence and simplifying the user interface based on voice / chat bots. Because this was the project of our app, in response to the needs of the government and foresters.

Below there is a photo of our team, from the government portal "Open Data", where there is also the mentioned project of our app. They wanted our photo on the wall with their logo, because we assumed the use of data from this website.,otwarte-dane-na-hackathonie-wizja-rozwoju-21

And thus motto   "YOU'LL BE BACK. AFTER A SHORT BREAK." appeared on the government website concerning digital data databases :-)


I also appeared on the main Polish news television - TVP INFO. I was talking about forests. This is part of my project - Forest Guide  (


I told viewers of TVP 3 Olsztyn TV channel live about forests. The whole thing is at the link below - from 40 minutes:

We organized a biological science picnic in Iława (under our Leśny Przewodnik - Forest Guide brand). We invited the University and the Landscape Parks Complex to cooperate in organizing this event. Photos:


My article on local certification of forests by citizens was published in the leading social activists' media in Poland. I also touched on cyborgization and the future. (polish language)

We are just starting a project to help protect forests  (polish language) :


New product in our Forest Guide line -  Forest Phytoncides. Created on the basis of my own experience with forest therapies. The product is better than the Japanese ones because it contains phytoncides that have different effects. This is a product for customers who cannot go to the forest at the moment. But we still encourage people to walk in the woods by organizing the Forest Baths - Shinrin yoku.  You can read more about the product here (in polish language):

Forest Phytoncides Poland


We protect nature and people from conflicts - all over Poland.

Technology is moving slowly forward, so technically nothing changes in our project. Instead, we deal with social issues because it is the community that will take us into the future. Corporations operating for profit will not.

Unfortunately, the Office in my city is extremely stubborn, so the case of „Bagienko” - an enclave for birds and people in Iława,  has returned. Therefore, I spoke to MP Artur Dziambor about introducing an amendment to the national law on local governments. First, an interpellation was made to the Prime Minister office, signed by 6 MP's of Polish Parliament.

I am also sending out an analysis to all local governments in Poland: "How to conduct a Civic Budget against citizens. Harming nature. An example from Iława. " Perhaps they will include the proposed pro-social activities in their practices regarding civic budgets. Thanks to this, I hope, small communities will be able to successfully resist the aggressive actions of active interest groups. And it all started with our project in the civic budget -  buying an educational brain computer-interface and VR headsets.

More information on this on my blog: ( in Polish)

I am introducing to market a dedicated repelent for deer keds (Lipoptena cervi, called flying ticks) according to my formula. It also repels mosquitoes. I import the main ingredient myself from India, then it undergoes in Poland processes that give it new features. This is the first product in the Forest Guide (Leśny Przewodnik - line. There should be more in the fall. Revenues from this activity will contribute to the project and its individual sub-goals. You can read more about this deer ked repelent and about behaviour of the insects here (in polish language):ństwo-w-lesie/strzyżak-jeleni-jak-odstraszyć

Deer ked repelent


 We have organized a few educational urban field games.

One, for kids, with emphasis on synthetic biology. Event was organized in cooperation with Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, City of Iława and local forest education institution. Details on my website.:

Other games under my other brand. Including one that focus on quantum teleportation and cryptography. Details here:

We also organize nature therapy Shinrin Yoku walks in forests. To help people keeping good health. 

The games and walks were covered by various media.


We protect forests for the future.

In order to protect the surrounding forests so that they return to their natural state over time, I launched "forest" initiatives. I initiated the campaign to collect signatures on a petition to the State Forests Directorate for the establishment of Promotional Forest Complexes here, which can provide basic protection, and also allow local communities to have some influence on policy in forests. Virtually all local media and some media with greater coverage informed about the campaign. Details available at the link  (in Polish only):

I launched a website with tourist services, mainly related to the forest and lake, for foreign clients:

A similar page was made for tourists from Poland, and also to encourage more local people to contact the forest. That is why we start forest walks in the Japanese convention of "forest bathing" and made facebook page with information concerning forests, plants, animals & ecology. Details on the website (in Polish only) : Forest Guide - Iława and Jeziorak.

After some time, thanks to the beautiful and natural forests, the local community will gain better opportunities for active recreation. It will also help in the development of the future university, loosely based on the idea of ​​the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, USA, which I write about in my blog  (in Polish only) :

A beautiful, natural environment is expected to attract the best staff in the future and stop local talent from escaping.


Transhumanism. Mini congress.

 (outdoor, in organization, Beta version)

September 17-18, 2021, Forestear Iława - Poland (map below).

We will talk in an informal atmosphere about the future of humanity.

The main topic is:

Creating Synthetic Super Intelligence. Biological or electronic?

We will talk about where we are and where we are going.

Or whatever you want (in the area of ​​transhumanism and futurology).

Prepare a half-hour speech. Let me know that you want to reserve your time to Write what you will talk about and we will put it on the schedule.

There will be no projector, so you can give participants what you want to tell them, in the form of A4 sheets, in a document sleeve (so that it does not get wet). Or just come listen and talk. (Polish or English)

Additionally, we provide free Slavic Coke. You don't know what it is because it is the new name of a traditional drink. For now, we can only reveal that it has about 2% alcohol and is made according to our own recipe.

We also have free walks in the forest, i.e. forest baths, which will strengthen your immune system and relieve stress. 

The weather in September is usually still very pleasant, and as there aren't many tourists anymore then the area is simply lovely.

I especially invite people who live close. This is the first edition and it is far from the global momentum. But if you want to come from the other end of Europe or from another continent, we will be all the more pleased.

More at: CONGRESS subpage

06.2020 Next step in developing the project. Financing by creating our own business.

Last year I engaged into teaching young people artificial intelligence and quantum computing. I got a chance to do it in public library in Iława and I'm grateful for that. But problem was that for more advanced exercises I needed computers that are not too old. And these in the library are generally for surfing on internet. Not bad when you use cloud but I needed to install computing software. 

So I bought one more laptop but had no money for more. And consequently I decided that I have to make a profitable business to finance education in city where I live.

Of course government spend lot of money here for education. This month they spent here more than 2.000.000 PLN (about EUR 500.000) to start teach people how to use Photoshop and Corel. It's would be great but 20 years ago. Because both editors were invented in the eighties. Of course now it's professional and sophisticated software but kids can learn it from online tutorials. They are smart enough to do that. And there is no money and will to finance modern education. We are in one of the poorer and most backward regions in Poland and Europe. And nobody cares.

Accordingly we have to finance education and by ourselves. At least at the beginning. So we start a businesses. Branch is tourism. And we propose to our customers nature wildlife tours, sailing, diving, forest bath therapies and other activities in beautiful area where we live. It's unique region with a lot of forests and picturesque lakes. And with largest inland island in Europe.

Do you know the movie Avatar? Such a world exists. Without aliens, a little less colorful but functionally very similar. This place is our forests. They are no longer like 1000 years ago but are still alive. We will lead you back to nature. And we will teach you how to get back to nature yourself. 

You can find more details on our website: . This is also project of my friend Wojtek, who is developing his own eco living community project.

Why it ends with “.space”? You probably already guessed. The final goal of our project is to travel to other galaxies. But we start with walks in the woods. For many people it is also a distant world.

You can support the project by liking us on FB ( - we start today).

03.2020 Protection of our immortality data and human race during next 10000 years. Proving ground experience.  And planned local transhumanists meeting.

During recent 2 months I was engaged in battle against local city authorities. They decided that they will build dog park (winner in participatory budgeting vote) in place which is kind of ecological enclave. The one of only a few areas in city which is not spoiled by concrete constructions or another human impact. Peace of local wild life, birds, amphibias, etc. would be threatened by barking of domestic carnivores. There are many better places for dog park in city I live. More than two years ago I decided to protect this area. So now I decided do act and influence decision of city authorities. And by pure coincidence I became leader of the protest. I made an opinion pool among people who live in nearby area. They were against. So battle begun. As for now we menage somehow to block the project here but we do not know what will be final decision. We are on East, with authorities that do not care much about people's opinion nor ecology. But that's not the point. 

Imagine how our organization would have to fight against others to securely deliver the data to the moment in time that we could be re-created of that data. It would be also fight for human race to survive. Our old, weak, stupid race, among other, new, strong, smart, superintelligent, transhuman beings and/or synthetic species. We would have to outsmart them a bit and/or negotiate. Difficult, isn't it? So our organization need to learn from such small quarrels. Imagine that we are community of small bugs in world of humans. In small green area in the center of the city. Try to find a way to protect us against them. Just thought experiment. Human are not our enemies, they just do not care. At least most of them. What would you do little bug? :-)

From practical point of view this battle brought me high recognisability locally. We have 2 weekly newspapers here, 2 radios, 1 internet news portal. During a few weeks I was many times presented in each of them as a protest leader, with photos and citations. And this case were of great interest for citizens here. Movie of our discussion with city authorities were watched about 20000 times. And I have made a speech from Speaker's Corner in Hyde Park London.

So, thanks to pure coincidence, building our organization would be easier.  We plan to organize here small meeting for people interested in transhumanism in autumn 2020. Main topic would be creation of synthetic life. You are invited.

Details of battle: (Polish language only) Keywords for search photos and media content: Bagienko, Iława, Kurpiecki, protest. 

We call this area "Bagienko" (small swamp)  it's here:,19.5594407,499m/data=!3m1!1e3 and of picture below (BAGIENKO - GREEN HEART OF OUR CITY campaign)

As for other activities – as you remember I'm engaged in bringing virtual reality to people here for free. Thanks to local library in Iława and library from Olsztyn for a few days we had such an opportunity here. So I helped people in my city (IŁAWA, POLAND) to experience VR. And of course also to young people that I teach artificial intelligence and quantum computing in the same library. Other projects that help are ongoing. Details soon.

12.2019 - We take part in participatory budgeting where citizens of #Iława #Poland decide how to allocate part of a municipal budget. Our proposal is Virtual Reality for free, for everybody in the city. Also free access to brain-computer interface. And relaxation among trees in center of the city. On hammocks. With colour therapy after sunset. 

Vote is set for 20th December. 

Below video where I talk about the project called "Two Islands" (in Polish language)


Start of modern cooperative brand -

Goal is to create support of local people for plan to develop here more science related jobs and , in long run, university that deals with basic research. It would be milestone of project

The cooperative will help people to grow financially using joint bargaining power to buy goods/services, organize production, supply chains in effective manner.

Idea for "S" as a brand logo came from need of visibility of message on advertising columns. 



08.2019 Struggle for gods - why we need to create our own AGI/superAI locally.

It's written by me, short story published in Polish newspaper. Translated.



After a 5 years I write editorials again for one of largest local newspaper in Poland - Kurier Ilawski. Talk of the town but also about new technologies, future, space, artificial intelligence & AGI. Series title is "Think interplanetarly, act locally"

24.06. 2019 

Two weeks ago I have started to teach young people basics of artificial intelligence and quantum computing in public library in ILAWA, Poland. I hope that during next months I will be able also to add classes of brain-computer interface, crispr/cas and some others. Next year plan is to help with developement of 200 young people.

Goal is to create here, in next 10-15 years, something which resemble Institute for Advanced Study when they began 90 years ago. 

19th February 2019 - I was on public meeting with Dr Michio Kaku, renowned physicist. He visited Poland to celebrate the 546th anniversary of the birth of Nicolaus Copernicus/ Mikolaj Kopernik. He was talking also about digital immortality and Kardashev scale. 

31th January 2019 - a few words about what's new in the project

14th January 2019

I started a new phase in  project by giving a speech in public library in  ILAWA, Poland.

 First we'll gain support from local community, then country, then Europe/World.