You will be back. And you will be protected.

Immortals. Indefinitely.

In the future, we will travel between galaxies and universes. Space is full of dangers. Those already known and those that we are just discovering.

Fortunately, we will be able to ensure our safety thanks to the copy of everyone of us left in the well protected place. And in the case of an accident, everyone will be recreated at that moment from which we left a copy. We are talking about something that we can now call a digital copy of person. Thanks to this, simply speaking, you will always come back to life. To your life.

This project's goal is to create a community that will take care of each other. Community that will take care for the immortality of each of us. When some of us travel between galaxies, or dive into simulated worlds, others will insure them. And we take turns.

We start now but intergalactic travels are a distant future. So what now?

This project wouldn't exists if immortality wouldn't be possible now. At least some kind of it.

Well, now we have a large amount of data about us. If we can collect and store them until real artificial intelligence surpasses us in every respect (Singularity), we will be able to recreate ourselves in exact form (soul & body) as we are now. If you have not heard about this idea yet, here you will find more information: immortality.

No company will be able to store and keep such data hundred years. Commercial projects are quickly falling. And besides .... Would you trust profit-oriented organization to such extent to give them your entire future? Exactly. That's why we're setting up a community that aims to:

  • Secure delivery of our data to a point in the future where it will be possible to re-create us

  • Working together to secure our data and, if necessary, to re-create our copies. Through infinity.


First of all, we need to collect accurate data. To do that we will build data collection/storage Centers where the person will spend about 4 days. There will be collected biological and psychological data, using our own tests. (more about this process here: immortality). Most importantly, everything will be recorded, 4 full days in the life of a human. Environment will also be registered. In addition, we recommend collecting data about yourself on your own, we also store it. We will also have a huge amount of data not related to a specific person, but the data would be helpful in facilitating the re-crationo of us in the future by real artificial intelligence.

To avoid in the future need of negotiating with new races that will arise or with machines, from the beginning we will work on our own real artificial intelligence. This will give us independence and security in the future.

The project is to achieve full functionality (in the field of data collection and storage) and self-reliance until the end of 2025.

The next stage will be to collect approximately EUR 20 million, thanks to which the first Center (see movie at bottom of page) will be created.

If you are interested, you can: