Become a member

If you want to help to:

  • Securely provide your data and other members' data to a point in the future where it will be possible to recreate us,
  • Take care of securing our data and, if necessary, re-creating other members through infinity,

I invite you to participate in the project. Thanks to this you will be protected when traveling between galaxies or we will be watching over you during your stay in various simulations.

We will help each other so from time to time you will also be responsible for others, for our entire community.

Before we can do it, however, we must safely get to these times. Much will change during our "journey" and we have to survive through these changes as an organization. And of course, at the beginning, we need to build Centers and infrastructure that will allow us to develop our technology and capabilities.

Therefore, as a member, you will help in achieving intermediate goals:

  • construction of data acquisition and storage Centers (Centers will also be helpful in obtaining information about the health condition and possible ways of improving it.)
  • supporting research on real artificial intelligence, research that is independent of other entities (concerns, governments, etc.)
  • expanding and protecting the organization

Benefits of membership:

  • mutual protection, endlessly,
  • significant discounts when using the Centers,
  • access to our artificial intelligence and science,
  • participation in projects that reduce the cost of living and improve its quality,
  • benefits from other projects developed by the organization.

How to become a member.

In order for the project to start working, we need to build at least one Center for the beginning. The estimated cost is about EUR 20 million.

But do not be afraid, we do not want to ask you to donate such funds , we do not intend to obtain this money from contributions on the internet. In order to collect this amount, we will talk with investors whose main motivation is profit. Due to the fact that this project is quite innovative it will be quite a difficult process. Therefore, your support is needed. To convince investors, I estimate that support of around 10,000 people is needed.

Please support us in the form of a declaration. Please, declare that at the moment when we collect EUR 20 millions from investors, then we will be approaching finish of Center's construction, you will pay at least EUR 25 to cover some of the Center's operating costs in the first year. Yes, at the time when the construction will be completed, not earlier.

After submitting such a declaration, you automatically become a member.

How to make a declaration?

Please transfer symbolic 1 euro-cent to our account (at bottom of the website) : along with your name, surname, postal code, country, e-mail address, phone in the text field of the transfer. 1 euro-cent is a declaration of payment EUR 25 you can declare more , e.g. 9 euro-cents = EUR 225, etc. In the case of difficulties with a transfer, you can pay a euro, on the same principle. EUR 1 is a declaration of payment EUR 25, etc.

You can also pay 1 PLN on (unfortunately, you can not pay 0,01 on this polish crowdfunding website for technical reasons), on the same principle. PLN 1 is a declaration of payment PLN 100, etc.

Similarly on Paypal ( , you can pay, 1 PLN, 1EUR, 1USD, you can use any currency you wish. It is not about money now so you can transfer as little as possible.

You can also make a declaration directly at the meeting with me, and then you do not have to give me any money, nor even 1 cent, contact details and signature are sufficient. I start meetings in Poland but I hope soon I will be able to meet you at many cities at the world.

Confirmation of membership will be sent to you by email or SMS (optional).

Your data will be kept offline and anonymized when showing it to investors as evidence of support. No data will be passed on to third parties and data will be stored according to the highest security standards possible at given moment.

If it happens that when the construction is finished, when we ask you for the actual payment of the declared amount, you will not have the funds (due to, for example, unforeseen events), it is no problem, you will continue to be member and finance will be settled at the moment when it's possible.

Why this way?

We know how non-standard this project is, that's why we want you and investors to trust us, hence the original system, created by us, that gives each party kind of the guarantee. Thanks to this, at the beginning everyone can safely support the project without involving their resources and at the same time contributing to The project's success.

If you wish to donate bigger amount, to help us to develop project faster (marketing, costs of meeting with investors and members , research, etc.) just transfer donation with transfer name: “current activity” or via Paypal:

BANK ACCOUNTS (choose any of them):(EUR) PL 84 1140 2004 0000 3812 0323 0885(PLN) PL 54 1140 2004 0000 3102 1608 5757(CHF) PL 58 1140 2004 0000 3212 0159 0116
BANK ADDRESS:Skrytka Pocztowa 2108, 90-959 LODZ 2POLAND
Transfer name: Welcomeback