THE COMPANION it's copy of you that accompanies your loved one once he/she has been recreated from the data. Your copy will have no consciousness and no memory by default. It will only be a support for a beloved persons, recreated for them in a new world.

You will surely have many questions. We answer some of them in FAQ section You can also watch the video below.

Here you will find tips on how and what data to collect about yourself.

Members who donated one polish grosz (cent, penny, kopeck, fen, etc.) in the period 2018-2022 REITION, thus supporting our development, now have the STANDARD package free of charge. Once we have our own DNA sequencer, these people will also have access to free sequencing of their own genome. We have sent this information by e-mail. If the information is not received, please contact us.



Storage of data until the moment zero and recreating the avatar from the data.

Available storage space 1TB (genome + other data, x 3 copies)

Whole genome sequencing (about 120 GB, FASTQ file or other).

minimum EUR 449, one-time fee,

+ membership: 1 working day or cash equivalent. Every year of life. The amount depends on your means, in the form of self-taxation.

Fee policy - click here


Storage of data until the moment zero and recreating the avatar from the data.

Available storage space 1TB ( x 3 copies)

minimum EUR 149 one-time fee,

+ membership: 1 working day or cash equivalent. The amount depends on your means, in the form of self-taxation. Every year of life.

Fee policy - click here


Storage of data until the moment zero and recreating the avatar from the data.

Data up to 100GB.

minimum EUR 99 one-time fee,

Fee policy - click here

The data will initially be stored on hard drives in digital form. Copies will be stored in three different locations. Then - depending on the technology, probably in DNA. We described it in our concept of the most secure vault in space - distributed storage in DNA + quantum encryption: DNATA.SPACE


In 10,000 years, we will be able to recreate people from data. The moment when this becomes possible is called "moment zero". The date, of course, is arbitrary. It can be 1000 and 100,000 years. Date is not very important. In the calendar of the development of life on Earth, it is all the blink of an eye.

To obtain data that will ensure a 100% reconstruction of us, with our consciousness, we need infrastructure, which we hope to build a little later. So in a few years, we will start to collect and store data of people whom we will recreate in 10,000 years, as they are now with full memory and awareness. Also your loved ones.

Now we offer you the opportunity to assist your loved ones when they will be recreated in 10,000 years. This will make them feel better and more confident in the new world. You will be their guide and support.

How? In 10,000 years, we will recreate you, but in a version without memory and consciousness. You will be like an avatar that your loved ones will not be able to distinguish from real characters. After acclimating to the new world, loved ones will be informed that in this version you are an artificial being.

What do we need to accomplish this? – as much of your data as possible.

This data should be the history of your interactions with the computer, phone, internet. Your can read genome or other kind of data from your cells - DNA, RNA. Any medical data. Scanned documents and photos. Financial data with history. Recorded videos, audio about you, your thoughts, memories. EEG data correlated with the activities you do, with the materials you watch, etc.

The more such data you acquire and store, the greater the chance that we will be able to recreate you, with your own memory and consciousness. But the COMPANION is by definition an avatar design without consciousness. When sending us the data, you will be able to select the option to try to recreate your memory and consciousness from the data, i.e. recreate yourself in 10,000 years.


You send the data on a physical disk to the address provided. Encrypt and compress your data as many times as you want. So that it cannot be broken now by anyone. In 10,000 years, decrypting them will not be a problem, even without knowing the passwords and encryption algorithms you used. If you think otherwise, you can send us unencrypted data. We will encrypt them and keep the key (if you wish) in a safe place. Always disconnected from computer networks. In at least 3 copies. Soon magnetic and electronic discs will be replaced by DNA storage. We will store this data in a secure and decentralized way, e.g. in space or in living organisms, so as to avoid threats (we discuss this in more detail on our website )

You can always update your data.

You can choose to keep all updates. Then each update is treated as new data and priced accordingly. You can also overwrite your data. In this case, we only store the first and last version. Update fee - 1 working day. One update every 5 years - free with membership.

What is our advantage over other systems that will be created soon? The fact that from the beginning our strength is the community, which in its own interest will transfer this data into the future. It's not technology or money that matters. A community with a common goal is important. And we are building this community.

User Data Destruction - You can opt out of Reition and request data deletion. To avoid undesirable events, the analysis of the request for data destruction and not recovery will be carried out after the moment zero. All genuine applications will be considered. Attach the encrypted confirmation of authenticity to the data deletion request. E.g. recorded video from your room where you say you don't want to be recreated or encrypted photos of documents or favorite gadgets mentioned in your previous data.


REITION - an organization, an entity, a community that ensures the achievement of the MAIN PURPOSE by THE USERS OF THE DATA

MAIN PURPOSE - reconstructing in the future from the stored data

USER/USERS OF THE DATA (UTD) - a person/persons who gave their data to REITION and wants to achieve the MAIN PURPOSE

KEEPER - a person who looks after all UTD data and makes the most important decisions.

FIRST KEEPER - Krzysztof Kurpiecki, founder of the REITION. LAST KEEPER – a person who, after the opportunity arises to restore UTD, starts this process, beginning with the restoration of the FIRST KEEPER. In case of disagreement on competencies., the KEEPER born earlier has greater decision-making powers.

COLLEGIUM - persons supporting the KEEPER with advice and decision-making

MOMENT ZERO - The moment when it will be possible to recreate people from data.


We think that at the time of zero, the Earth will be just a nature reserve, and our race will change its bodily shell to exist in a form that allows intergalactic travel. Perhaps it will happen in a million years, after the discovery of the possibility of faster-than-light travel. It's not that important. People will be recreated on Earth, maybe they will want to live on it for a while, out of sentiment, but we think that they will soon go into space and change the form of their lives. Maybe some will stay, but there will be no crowds on Earth. Just in case it should be otherwise, by using the funds from the REITION member funds, we will come into possession of more and more space of the Earth. We suppose that for the last Keepers it will be a great effort and dedication to last until moment zero in human shape, but they will also do it in their own interest.


All generations of the REITION community will be responsible for the data. In my own interest. They will also take care of their own development and mutual help so that our community has access to the latest technologies and knowledge. In order to get to the moment zero as quickly as possible, avoiding dangers. For this purpose, it will modify its actions so as to achieve the main purpose as quickly and safely as possible. At the moment, the world looks to be moving towards a central power governance system, unifying the planet's population. The REITION will remain an organization independent of the world's central authority.

The primary purpose is to store the data until a participant can be recreated. Due to the fact that events in the future cannot be predicted, the rules of the organization will change so as to successfully achieve the main purpose.

It is the responsibility of the keepers and users of the data (UTD) to keep themselves and each other at a high scientific, humanistic and financial level, so as to successfully pass data on to the next generations. It is important to maintain as much independence as possible from external factors and use them so that the probability of achieving the main purpose becomes as high as possible.


The more work you put into helping REITION, the more you invest in community development, the more you get when you are recreated. It is true that we expect that everyone on Earth will get what they want.In our Galaxy they will be able to get even whole planets, but maybe there will be some bonuses that some will have faster access to. For example, the ability to explore worlds outside our Universe for the first time. Have access to the latest intergalactic travel speeds. We can't predict it. But the more you sacrifice for REITION, the more bonuses you get after being recreated. It does not depend on your wealth. A widow's penny here will be worth millions from a billionaire. From each according to his ability, to each according to his contribution. The good news is that you don't have to worry about it. Once recreated, everyone will be happy and have unlimited possibilities.