How to collect the data.

It's definitely worth being creative because we won't list all possible ways here. It will be very important to have data that will ultimately help reconstruct that part of the neural connections that set you apart from the rest and are not DNA based. That is, everything that makes you an individual. But it will also be useful to know, for example, about your intestinal microbiome. Below is a short list of suggested data to collect and how to collect it.

Scan all your old photos and documents. For each, if possible, record a report about what memories it evokes in you.

Make copies of the memory of your computers, phones, virtual reality.

Place the camera in the rooms where you are staying.

Download all data from your social profiles, used applications, online medical data, game logs and saves, library card data, streaming services, private and professional e-mails etc.

Copy all transactions from banks, online stores.

Record as many videos as possible about yourself and your reactions. If you don't want to record gossip with your friends, record your conversations every evening. If you remember the dreams, record the report too.

Record telephone and video calls.

You will get a long series of questions from us, sit in front of the computer, facing the camera and answer them.

Visit the places you've been to and talk about them. You can do it, for example, using Google maps.

Go to the library and record which books you've read, look at lists of films and tell us what you remember about them.

Visit various archives where there may be something familiar to you or something you know.

Browse through musical works, catalogs of paintings, sculptures, describe what you remember from museums, what moved you. If they are available online, please visit them again.

Record your apartment thoroughly, including drawers, nooks and basements. Same with your old notes, notebooks.

If you have a VR headset that reads eye movements or brainwaves, download all the data.

Data from the camera you wear outside can be downloaded together with readings of your brain waves - even from simple EEG for meditation.

Sequence your entire genome. Read quality at least 30x. Test your gut microbiome. If you have the opportunity, do a single-cell analysis, tomography, other body imaging - beware, excess radiation can be harmful to the body.

Record your manual or intellectual skills in action.

Ask friends or family to record memories about you. Be honest and let them encrypt without giving you a key/password.

At a later date, we will release apps to help you extract data from your mind and devices.

Encrypt your data so that no one can read them now, for example with the AES-256 encryption available in the free 7-Zip program. Don't send us the password/key, we don't need it. We anticipate that at MOMENT ZERO there will be no problem with breaking the cipher.